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If you are a music artist looking to join a music label that will take care of all the management aspects, including releases and booking you at shows, then you might be in right place. JOIN US NOW

Our artist management system ensures transparency and will provide you with the resources needed in order for you to succeed.

The process of joining Art à Vanilla, as an artist:

  • Firstly, you will send us a video where you present yourself along with your songs. The video can be recorded on your phone. If your demo captures our attention, we will then contact you for a face to face meeting. If your demo is not what we really looking for, please don’t get discouraged and continue working on new demos. We will NEVER discourage anyone from pursuing their dreams.
  • At our first meeting, an audit will be carried out to determine how much of the project production you can cover and what you will further require to produce an end product that could potentially be sold. You will also get to perform live in front of our engineers and staff.
  • Once the audit has been completed, a formal proposal will be drawn in order to include the type of support you may require and what financial implication may this will have for both parties.
  • If an agreement is reached and both parties are honestly happy about the deal, this should be signed in the presence of two layers. One that will represent yourself (the artist) and one that will represent Art à Vanilla.
  • After the contract is signed, a plan of action will be concluded. Time and resources will be committed to ensuring your project will get to where we all envisaged.

You have what it takes!

It will require a lot of hard work and commitment so if any of these words (hard work and commitment) are not representing you, then we may not be the best to help. But if you are ready for this challenge, come and join Art à Vanilla!

As some says, Work hard, Play harder!

To submit your demo, please send an email at welcome(at)artavanilla(dot)com

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