London: UK Music Record Label

London: UK Music Record Label: Start, Grow, Reach

Art a Vanilla, our UK Music Record Label, can help music artists with their professional development, including promotion, music production, video production, distribution, and sales. Depending on each artist’s circumstances, here at Art a Vanilla, we may be able to provide you with a music professional development plan, to suit your needs.

We work with:
  • Bands
  • Individual/Solo artists
  • Session music players
  • Singers and songwriters
  • Music producers
  • DJs
  • Online influencers
  • Dancers

If you are any of the above, please email us with your demo. (link to your music and/or video only– please do not upload music or video files to the email). Add some photos and a video presentation of yourself and your project.

Promoting and Distribution

Our record label can promote and sell your music on our online stores, thru our distributors, and on all major online platforms, including streaming platforms. That includes Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and many other platforms.

Media Production

Art à Vanilla Record Label has acquired several production studios and has agreements with several other studios. These are now readily available for our artists to record music, film, or produce digital content. An experienced, creative, and trusted team has been put together to support artists in bringing their ideas to life.

Art a Vanilla Music Record Label Production and Management

Artist Management and Live Concerts

We work on your behalf with tour managers and bookkeepers to identify the most appropriate concerts, gigs, and any other events, that your band could play at. We will answer all of your questions to ensure you will be fully prepared. You will receive training on what to do and what to avoid to do in the music business, live shows, and all the relevant information to back you up.

One of the most transparent UK Music Labels

Art à Vanilla Music Label works with its artists in the most transparent way to ensure everyone’s commitment and focus towards their projects, while encouraging a healthy work environment. Artists have access to information about all of their income streams and are regularly updated about their financial performance.

World Wide Coverage

Although our business is London UK based, Art a Vanilla Music Record Label helps talented unsigned music artists to reach a worldwide audience.

We empower our artists with all the relevant tools they need including information and training to ensure they are competitive, and ready to thrive for the best performance.

Available spaces and unexpected opportunities

Is important to understand that we can only work with a limited number of artists over a certain period of time. But this should not discourage you to email us with a demo presentation. There is always a chance for expansion and collaboration.

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