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(Yesterday – Music Production)

It started almost 20 years ago in Ploiesti town, a place 60km away from the Romanian capital when a good friend of mine, George, finally made few beats for me, after I kept nagging him about it. I was immediately hooked. Soon after, I bought an x486 computer and started creating beats using Fruity Loops (now the famous FL STUDIO). After few years, I had my own band, I won a televised audio competition and by the time I have finished college, I have decided to leave for the UK. Such weather…

The Story: Madalin Neacsu - Founder of Art a Vanilla
The Story: Madalin Neacsu – Founder of Art a Vanilla

Spending almost 14 years of my life in London, with good or bad, I consider that a great overall investment. Nothing in this life comes easy anyway. Since my very beginning in the music field, I always wanted to be managing my own label, printing my own CDs, contribute to making the video or photography…I guess I liked very much the idea of keeping myself busy with things that I love doing.

(Today – Music Label)

Before I have started the Art à Vanilla Music Label, I had to ask myself what should I, and could I bring differently to the existing music and media market considering that there are so many different labels and music production studios.

I have discovered that the general life of nowadays artists have been more or less shuttered as the music market business has changed dramatically over the last decade. Many of them, barely making the ends meet unable to sell their music. Art a Vanilla will work hard to ensure we raise the artists’ chances of earning more, firstly by minimizing the costs of the production while empowering them with tools and knowledge about the trends and market.

Art à Vanilla Music Label is aiming to support independent artists by providing the means to create, release, and perform while giving them the freedom of expression.


Music and image are emotional driving products that if used carefully, can heal the world. Our goal is to make the world a better place with every piece of product we put out, while our artists are fairly paid.

We hope we will keep up with our big dreams.

The Culture

Art à Vanilla Culture has developed from a modern minimalist style of music with ethnic influences including Latino, Greek, Balkan, Middle East, and East Asia. Rhythms are varied from 65BPM up to 165BPM and include Dance Hall, Minimal Club, Drum and Bass, Dub-Club, Latino-Dance, and Pop.

Studios Locations

We will be working mainly from two locations: One in London, UK, and one in Ploiesti, Romania. Since the systems we used allow for worldwide collaboration, we can provide commercial work for any projects.

For demo submission, find out first relevant information about joining as an artist and contact us using the contact page.

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